Chances are, whether he’s arisen to see it yet or not, Stephen Curry has a pleasantly stern e-mail from Commissioner Adam Silver in his e-mail inbox this morning. It likely isn’t malicious in tone or scolding in nature, it’s probably just a gentle, necessary reminder that it would be great if his wife, Ayesha Curry, didn’t tweet things like “this is absolutely rigged for money” immediately after a Warriors loss.

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That’s what happened just minutes after the Cavaliers finished off a wire-to-wire victory in their final home game of the season, Game 6 of the NBA Finals, over the Warriors last night. Though Steph Curry willed himself to 30 points, neither he nor Klay Thompson were allowed to get into a rhythm, and the frustration boiled over for Steph when refs whistled him for his 6th foul late in the 4th quarter, resulting in his automatic removal from the game. Steph lost it, flung his mouthpiece into the crowd–it hit a fan–and barked on a referee–who ejected him–before regaining his composure and walking off the court uneventfully.

The final buzzer hadn’t sounded before Ayesha took to Twitter to sound off her own frustrations.


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She deleted the tweet, but not before it went viral, and the criticisms came raining down like Kyrie Irving jump shots.

A. Curry eventually followed up the tweet-then-delete with a couple explanatory tweets, revealing that her father was “racial profiled” as her family tried to enter the arena, and was nearly arrested by police, all of which contributed to her frustration.

Game 7 is Sunday night in Oakland on the Warriors home court. This is going to be a doozy.