If you’re in the mood for a decent laugh from a few familiar Hollywood faces, then Central Intelligence is just the movie for you.

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Hitting theaters today (Friday, June 17) Central Intelligence tells the story of two former high school classmates who reunite in an unlikely scenario that sees them teaming up to take down a corrupt CIA operation. Alongside talented comedic actor and resident Hollywood  funnyman Kevin Hart and Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, Born Again Virgin leading lady Danielle Nicole adds a comical flare of her own to the storyline as Kevin’s high school sweetheart who later becomes his wife.



While Kevin Hart’s character Calvin Joyner reluctantly finds himself posing as the partner in crime to The Rock’s character Bob, Danielle’s character Maggie has another focus: fixing her marriage. As Calvin struggles to wiggle his way out of dangerous situations in light of his new-found friendship with Bob, he unintentionally causes Maggie to question his whereabouts and eventually leaves her with no choice but to suspect that there’s something he’s keeping from her. Although the light-hearted tone of the film is present throughout, the scenes between Kevin and Danielle add a much-needed touch of realism and relatability that the audience will undoubtedly be able to appreciate. A particularly memorable scene is one that takes place midway through the movie, where Calvin finds himself in a couples counseling session at Maggie’s request. Unfortunately for Calvin (and unbeknownst to Maggie), Bob infiltrates their marriage counseling session in an effort to reel Calvin back in to his plot to take down his former corrupt CIA cohorts. Although Maggie is unaware that Bob is not actually a real counselor and also doesn’t recognize him from their high school days due to his drastic transformation as an adult, the counseling session quickly goes left in more ways than one.

As fans may remeber from her roles on Born Again Virgin and The Game, Danielle’s natural charm and comedic ability of her own serve as the perfect compliment to that of her co-stars and the same proves true this time around.

You can check out Central Intelligence in theaters this weekend to see if Calvin and Maggie were able to salvage their marriage through all of the madness!