Shortly after it became very obvious that there was no Splash Brother magic left to be witnessed in Game 6, and that LeBron James had once again powered his team to an elimination game victory, one that would push the NBA Finals to Game 7, Steph Curry‘s wife, Ayesha Curry, pulled out her phone, opened her Twitter app, and broke the internet.

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“I’m sorry, but this thing is absolutely rigged for money,” the mega-popular Mrs. Curry began, before half-heartedly apologizing for her controversial opinion. A. Curry later deleted the tweet, and replaced it with an explanation, revealing that her father was racially profiled and nearly arrested before the game–that turned out to be true–which added to her frustration. However, as ESPN anchor Herm Edwards would say, once you press send, it’s out there forever. Curry’s tweet, and snapshots of it, were shared mercilessly, and she was still one of Twitter’s biggest trending topics the following morning.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Game 7, billed as one of the biggest Game 7s in league history, Stephen Curry was asked about his wife’s brief tweet rant, and he weirdly responded by saying it was probably time to cut off the wi-fi at his house.


For what it’s worth, Curry was either still in the arena or on her way out when she tweeted about the league being rigged, meaning the at-home wi-fi had nothing to do with the incident. It’s also worth noting that the probability of Ayesha being home during Game 7, while the Warriors try to win back-to-back titles at home in Oakland, is a strong 0%. It’s doubly worth noting that even if Ayesha was home during the game for some reason, the wife of a two-time MVP player probably has one of the sharpest mobile plans around, meaning wi-fi or not, she’d be able to get those tweets off.

The only person in the Curry family who seems to have the ins and outs of the internet in 2016 is Riley.

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