Unsurprisingly, Stephen Curry‘s wife, Ayesha Curry, has become one of the most polarizing people in basketball during these NBA Finals, especially in the last 72 hours. As the final minutes of Game 6 dwindled down into a frustrating loss for the Golden State Warriors, during which Steph was ejected from the game, Ayesha Curry whipped out her phone and tweeted the criticism heard around the world. “Sorry this is absolutely rigged for money,” she tweeted. Curry would later apologize for her brash social media reaction, and explain that the racial profiling of her father prior to the game left her irreversibly frustrated. However, Cavs fans weren’t very forgiving. Curry was criticized and heckled left and right on Twitter the following day, where she would remain a Trending Topic well into the evening.

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Tonight, the Cavs and Warriors will meet in possibly the biggest Game 7 in NBA history, and possibly the league’s biggest single-game matchup ever. With storylines abundant and ever-developing, one Cavs fan is making sure Ayesha’s Twitter fingers remain in 2016 Finals folklore forever. For just $14, you can have your very own “Bye Ayesha” t-shirt if you click here. Unless you have an absurd shipping hook-up–for which we’d envy you–there’s no way you’ll get the shirt in time to wear it while you scream at your TV sets tonight, but it’s certainly a must have for Warriors haters, or die-hard Cavs fans, two groups of people who would love to utter “Bye Ayesha” to Mrs. Curry with as much disdain as Ice Cube uttered the shirt’s inspirational phrase, “Bye Felicia,” in the comedy classic Friday.


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