Charles Tillman, one of the Carolina Panthers top defensive players from the teams historic 15-1 season, tore his ACL in week 17 of last season and is now a free agent. Although he is now on the market, Tillman has requested he only gets to play for the Panthers. Who can really blame him though? The Panthers are probably heavily favored to repeat their success from last year, which also means another chance at a Super Bowl title, an opportunity he missed due to injury.

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“Being in Carolina felt like I had been there my entire career,” Tillman said. “The team, the community, the atmosphere, that vibe. The Carolinas—North Carolina and South Carolina—they showed a lot of love.”

Tillman made it clear that Carolina is the only franchise that he wants to play for.

“That’s the only team I really want to play for,” he said. “It’s Carolina. It’s a great group of men. … A great group of coaches. The front-office guys are great. To me it was no surprise they were, or we were, 17-2.”