Cristiano Ronaldo Posed For a Selfie With a Guy That Stormed the Pitch

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One of the biggest soccer tournaments on the planet, Euro 2016, is currently taking place in, well, Europe, and Portugal is of course one of the most high profile teams out there. Why? Because the world’s most popular athlete, and one of the most gifted strikers in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo, is Portugese, meaning every four years, he proudly suits up in his native country’s uniform and tries to literally beat up on the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s match with Austria delivered unfavorable results–a 0-0 tie, not helped along by missed penalty kicks by Ronaldo himself–but it didn’t come without a heart-warming moment. Fans streaking a field or court of any kind is a bad idea, especially considering how swiftly streakers are removed from action by burly, heavy-handed members of security.


But yesterday, despite his frustrations, Ronaldo allowed a young man that stormed the pitch during yesterday’s match a chance to get what he so desperately wanted: a selfie with the game’s biggest star. Watch above as Ronaldo gracefully puts his hand on the overwhelmed fan’s shoulder, waves off security, and lets him finagle those annoying camera settings.