Nicki Minaj has had tension with several rappers in the game, from Lil Kim to Iggy Azalea, but an often overlooked riff is the one she’s had with Lil Mama. The Brooklyn rapper has been outspoken in the past about how she feels about Minaj’s standing in the game, dating back to a 2013 interview where she expressed that she felt Minaj–who is a New York rapper herself, from Queens–could be doing a lot more to be inclusive of other lady emcees. In Mama’s eye–and many others, might we add–lady emcees have a hard enough time breaking through without being pitted against one another.

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Yesterday, Lil Mama unleashed a new loosie, a freestyle over Drake‘s “4PM in Calabasas,” and social media is abuzz with the idea that she sent subliminal shots Nicki Minaj’s way.

And you ain’t got no sons / I be hearing you talkin’ crazy, but you really is buns / So when you talk, talk politely / And when you tread, tread lightly cause the ice getting thinner / like 666, it’s gonna be a cold winter.


It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj is known to rap about having a bunch of sons in the rap game, and those bars could be Lil Mama striking back. Minaj, an experienced shade thrower herself, isn’t known to be one to miss when someone’s feeling froggy, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she acknowledges Mama’s new joint in some way shape or form, even if it’s just on social media.

Listen to the freestyle below. Maybe everyone’s overreacting. It’s possible, right?