We’re still nearly a year out from Spider-Man’s third reboot hitting theaters, but details about it have been arising almost daily regarding film. So here’s what we know so far:

  • Tom Holland will reprise his role from Captain America: Civil War as “Peter Parker/Spider-Man” as a high school student struggling to balance school with crime fighting.
  • Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) will play an unspecified villain in the film.
  • Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) will finally get his wish, to be in a Spider-Man movie, although he won’t be playing the titular web-slinger (or is he…?)
  • Robert Downey Jr. will return as “Tony Stark/Iron Man”.
  • Michael Keaton will play the film’s main villain “The Vulture”

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Now it’s also worth mentioning the Holland has been reportedly baiting Chris Evans into returning as “Captain America” for the film, which Evans is said to be down for. Also the makers of Deadpool have also been eyeing the project and expressing interest in bridging the two properties. These seem like the ingredients to the Spider-Man film we’ve always deserved, let’s hope third times a charm.


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