Apple‘s iPhone 7 model is coming our way this Fall and many rumors have circulated about the phone’s specs. Months ago it was reported that the new smartphone would get rid of it’s headphone jack in favor of headphones that plugged into the Lightening charger for or bluetooth headphones. Now the folks over at Engadget are reporting that that’s not necessarily the case.

Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop based in China’s Ganzhou, has recently been posting photos of alleged iPhone 7 components. One of these is apparently the 4.7-inch model’s Lightning cable assembly which, contrary to what we’ve been hearing before, still has a headphone jack attached to it.

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In addition, Rock Fix also reports that the phone will come in two screen sizes, much like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and feature both a generous 256GB memory chip, dual-lens (for the larger model) and dual-SIM card trays, allowing users to manage two phone numbers at a time.

While these features are subject to change (as they are only rumors at the moment), we will report new information as it becomes available.