It seems as though viral dance trend the “dab” is officially a dub.

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Earlier this month, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (who made the dance more popular during his celebratory dance of glory) revealed to a Charlotte radio station he will not be dabbing anymore. He explained, “I have to put that aside…I have time. I have until September to find out [a new commemorative dance.]”

Quavo of popular trio Migos co-signed Cam’s statements, although the dance was started by the group. “You gotta give everybody a new trend, a new wave, something new to do,” Quavo explained, after dabbing for the final time. “So I feel him on that. Everybody was copying, it’s time to switch lanes.”


The TMZ cameraman that interviewed Quavo asked if they were going to drop some new dances. “We ain’t gonna tell you, cause you know y’all gonna take it, bite it, rewrite it and recreate it. We’ll come out with something to hit ’em with.”

You know a dance may have had its time when Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres try it out together on daytime TV. We’re long overdue for a new dance craze, so hit the dab for the final time and wait patiently for something new, or be a trendsetter and create your own. You might just go viral.