LeBron James has had some great troll moments, but we wouldn’t consider him a troll artist per se. There was that awkward press conference a few years ago when he matter-of-factly reminded reporters—and, ostensibly, the general public—that they’re all broke in comparison to him, and even if he doesn’t win a ring he can go home to his gazillion-dollar mansion and endorsement deals. Sure, that was awkward, but that was a bit of natural, unchecked arrogance. It’ll happen when you’re the biggest figure the game has seen since Michael Jordan.

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Today, however, James might be inching closer towards that troll artist status. The Cavs spent the night in Vegas celebrating the greatest series comeback in NBA Finals history, against the best regular season team in league history no less, and they boarded a plane in the wee hours of Monday morning to return to Cleveland (or Believeland, or #TheLand) for that signature, airplane disembarking celebration, Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy in hand.

Outside of a shirtless J.R. Smithwho certainly had a lot to celebrate—there was something quite interesting about a Cavs player’s choice of attire. LeBron James, who won his third Finals MVP last night, was wearing an “Ultimate Warrior” wrestling t-shirt as he clutched his third championship trophy and waved to the city that he’s endured so much with in the last 13 years.


Coincidence that of all the wrestling shirts he could have pulled out, he chose the “Ultimate Warrior?” Not a chance.

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