Back in 2010, LeBron James made “The Decision” to leave his home state of Ohio after playing 7 seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, taking his “talents to South Beach” as he so eloquently put it. James spent 4 seasons with the Miami Heat, going to 4 NBA Finals and winning two of them. Cleveland fans we’re left reeling as they watched their hometown hero bring glory to another franchise. In 2014, he made his triumphant return to the Cavaliers, promising to bring a championship to the city that had not a championship trophy in any of the 4 major sports for over 50 years.

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Last night, King James made good on his promise as he and the Cavaliers bested the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The moment was filled with tears of joy as LeBron finally got the monkey off his back. With that said, on today’s episode of ESPN First Take, Stephen A. Smith shed some light on the next possible move for James and in doing so, raised the question of if he might part ways with the franchise once again.

Smith claims that he has heard rumblings that James might make a return to the Miami Heat or join the Los Angeles Lakers. He clarifies that he has not heard any of these rumors from James’ camp directly but with James recently purchasing a mansion in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, that may not be too farfetched. Furthermore, upon his return to Cleveland in 2014, LeBron signed a 2-year contract, making him eligible for free agency this summer. Peep the clip below.