DJ Green Lantern has a knack for finding new talent, and ever since his first Invasion series with Shady Records he’s promoted artists who went on to become major stars. With his latest track “Wait A Minute,” Green collaborates with Denver’s rising star Trev Rich.

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Complex, boom bap production from Green fits great with Trev’s simplistic yet clever word play. Trev’s hook is boisterous yet playful and peaks with an emphatic: “We be everywhere/you ain’t never there. Whoa.”

Trev has been bubbling regionally for many years, dropping half a dozen projects since he was featured on Joe Budden‘s 2012 mixtape A Loose Quarter with the “Dreams Interlude,” going on tour with the rapper a year later.



“Trev Rich is an all-around dope artist, I’ve been watching him progress through projects he released and I wanted to do one with him and apply my style to his music and make something special ” said DJ Green Lantern about the collaboration.