Jessica White, star of the E!’s new reality show Famously Single, has a lot on her plate.

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Between filming the series and working on modeling, the socialite also has been in the studio recording new music. While fans will get to see a glimpse of that during the show, Jessica has already released some of that music, with her new single “Bipolar Love” released today [Tuesday, June 21].

You’ve probably seen Jessica in the pages of Sports Illustrated, GQ and even VOGUE, and she’s also worn the wings of a Victoria’s Secret angel. HERSource decided to chat with Jessica to talk the new show, new music, and plans for summer sixteen.


You’ve recently made a reality TV premiere on Famously Single. Tell us a bit about the show, and what do you think you bring to the group?

I think we all went on the show for different purposes. It was more so about bringing a clear perspective on my love life and trying to dispel certain rumors and getting my fans to see my personality because they’ve never been exposed to that before.

What, in your opinion, makes the show stand out from other reality shows that are currently on TV?

I think what makes the show different is that you’ve got a group of celebrities that are being extremely honest and not in a politically correct way. They are really honestly being stripped down bare and being themselves. To open up about your love life, there’s nothing more vulnerable. So what you’re seeing is a bunch of people who are extremely vulnerable versus looking at themselves as being celebrities. Because you’re opening up yourself to the public perspective on what they feel you’re doing wrong in your love life which is none of their business really. So it’s just nothing but vulnerability.

You have some new music set to come out soon. What we can expect as far as your sound?

What you can expect from “Bipolar Love” is a very strong sound. If I was an instrument, I would be an electric guitar. A lot of the music that I write and produce is heavily influenced by the electric guitar, but it also has an urban sound to it which creates a heavy tone and it has soul. It has a lot of soul to it. The lyrics are basically about a past relationship that I had with myself and a past relationship that I had with a guy and it kind of combines together. It’s a sad love song, it’s a beautiful love song. It’s bipolar love but it’s all worth it because you learn so much from that person or you learn so much from a situation that wasn’t necessarily bad.

Who has helped you with your music thus far?

Ryan Leslie helped with my music. K. Quick, B. Smyth, Jypsy White (her moniker) and a slew of musicians helped. A majority of the music I did was done live in the studio with creative artists who were just interested in being part of a cool project. [We had] cool musicians in the studio from singers, to people playing the tambourine, the cello, violinists. The studio was filled with incredibly talented musicians from vocalists to full on live bands because all of the music was done live in the studio the way that Phil Spector would have done it.

Aside from being big on the social scene, you’re also big in the modeling industry. What got you into modeling?

I was discovered by a talent agency at a mall casting call. From then, my first job was American VOGUE. The rest is history!

Who are some of your favorite brands and designers?

My favorite brands are from years ago, like old school Versace. I love Roberto Cavalli, who I know very well. I love old school vintage Houston. Currently, I’m working on my clothing line—a combination of 70s and 80s combined.

What’s your plan for the rest of Summer ’16 into fall for as far as getting your music on the radio and racking up a social media following?

Me and my team are working every single day. There’s always at least 10 things on the schedule to do. Losing a lot of sleep and getting on each other’s nerves, we’re literally taking this one step at a time. Working with Jypsy and pushing forward and really pushing the music out because that’s what’s important is this message that I’m telling: a story that the world needs to know. At the end of the summer we’ll be pushing out my clothing line. Basically we’re not sleeping before making sure we get the world what we feel they need and being true to who we are as creative artists, because every person on my team is an  artist.

You can catch Jessica White on E!’s Famously Single at 10/9 C every Tuesday.