After slaying stages across the country and before beginning the European leg on her Formation World Tour, Beyoncé and JAY Z decided to take some R&R last week in Hawaii with Blue Ivy; but in true Carter fashion, they had to give us a little peek to get the hate and envy stirred up.

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In addition to giving us vacation envy, Queen B was giving us style as she rocked her Lemonade-yellow cover-up over her bright one-piece that was reminiscent of the Roberto Cavalli ensemble from her Lemonade video, among many other Lemonade inspired styles. It’s no secret that Bey has been rocking that bright yellow ever since her highly talked about project dropped, but, if that wasn’t enough, it looks like Bey is also wearing a Dolce & Gabbana lemon crown and lemon necklace.

Beyoncé shared some of the private moments on her website and Instagram page, posting loving family photos for those who were speculating about the state of their marriage after the Lemonade debut, as well as the couple being spotted at Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, cuddling close to each other and showing off beaming grins.


In addition to dropping vacation photos, Bey has also released the video for the second single off of her album “Sorry” today.

Beyoncé is slated to continue her Formation tour in Sunderland, England on June 28.

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