The Abby Lee Dance Company is known from the television show Dance Moms and is definitely one of the most prestigious competitive dance companies in America. Dance Moms is not only known for their amazing dancers, but for owner Abby Lee and her unapologetic, strong personality. Abby is the first person to dig into a situation when something is wrong and now the government is ready to dig into her as she’s expected to plead guilty on fraud charges and faces up to $5 million in fines and five years in prison.

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According to USA Today, Miller is set to plead guilty in Pittsburgh court next week to bankruptcy fraud and failing to report more than $10,000 worth of Australian currency that she brought into the U.S. Charges were filed in Fall 2015 after she tried to hide $775,000 of her Lifetime Network income along with spin off earnings during her bankruptcy case. Recently, charges were added to her case after it was discovered that she violated a law by failing to report when she brought in $10,000 from Australia.

Abby Lee sent out a statement via her attorney accepting responsibility for her actions and “closing this chapter” of her life. “Events over the past several months have been extremely challenging for me, my family, my friends and most important, my students. Because of this I made the very difficult decision to close the door on this chapter of my life by accepting responsibility for mistakes I have made along the way,” the statement read.


Miller got caught up after she attempted to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but a bankruptcy judge saw her on TV in December of 2012 and suspected that she made more than the $8,899 she claimed as monthly income. After an FBI Investigation, it turns out that Miller hid more than $228,000 in income from appearances on her show Dance Moms and its spin-off Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She also attempted to hide almost $550,000 from personal appearances, dance sessions, and merchandise revenue from her company website.