Social media has been going crazy over an invalid report claiming Gucci Mane is now, in fact, a clone. A satire website posted an article claiming that Boosie went on The Breakfast Club and stated how he believes Gucci had been cloned while in jail and the clone is who we’ve been seeing the past few weeks. But Boosie hasn’t been on the The Breakfast Club in the year of 2016, so this is obviously far from true. But as with most things on the Internet, fans took it and ran with it and they don’t seem to be looking back for the full truth.

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After being released from prison at the end of last month, fans have been introduced to a new and improved Gucci Mane (including the way he speaks, even). Gucci went into jail with his infamous beer belly and then came out slim and trim, wearing waist trainers (thanks to his girlfriend, Keyshia Ka’oir) and working out on ellipticals. To put the icing on the cake for his “doppelganger” though, there appeared to be no ice cream tattoo on the side of Gucci’s face in recent photos, leading fans to believe they had a major clue.

Gucci must have gotten word of the shenanigans, so he took to Instagram to kill the rumors (or was he feeding them?)



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So is the new Gucci a clone? If so, where’s the old Gucci? Or people, is it not enough for a person to just go to jail and want to return to the world a better person than they left physically, mentally, and spiritually?