Roland Collins, better known as Troy Ave, may have beaten murder charges but the New York rapper is now in the hot seat and facing additional felony gun charges for the guns found when police searched his vehicle and what that reveals about the shooting.

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Troy Ave will be indicted on four felony charges of criminal possession of a weapon for the shooting at the T.I. concert inside of a nightclub in Irving Plaza in New York. A single weapon found in Troy Ave’s vehicle was directly linked to the crime scene. All of the bullets and shell casings recovered were of the gun found in Ave’s vehicle and he has been charged for that gun along with multiple criminal possession charges of others that were recovered from his vehicle.

In the Irving Plaza shooting, two bystanders were shot along with Troy Ave’s bodyguard who was killed on the scene. Ave was initially indicted for murder, but was able to have the charges dropped and will now face weapon charges instead. Troy Ave himself was also shot in both legs at the concert in Irving Plaza and now remains in a wheelchair until his injuries subside.


There have been a lot of rumors circulating regarding the case, but according to the NY Daily News, “Collins denied that he shot Ronald McPhatter and his attorney says police accounts of Collins shooting himself in the leg are false.”