A little after a week since the worse mass shooting in United States history, the U.S. Senate has rejected a number of new gun control measures that could help prevent such a tragedy from happening in the future.

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Senators from each party wanted to introduce measures they saw fit for the future of the United States gun control laws, which consisted of updating the background check system requiring more information, requiring checks at gun shows, and delaying gun sales to individuals who are on the government terrorist watch list.

All proposals failed and we are back at square one, with concern as to what path America continues to head down. After the news spread that the Senate rejected the gun control measures intended to protect our U.S. citizens, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to begin their own style of debate on the topic.


John Legend initiated the debate by tweeting:

Chrissy Teigen then replied to her husbands tweet with:

John Legend responded:

A fan found humor in the Twitter debate and went on to ask the couple:

Then, John Legend replies with a photo of the two:

Legend went on to retweet, agree and engage in other Senate talk on the gun control proposals, as well as express his disbelief with our country’s choices on his Twitter account.

It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity couple who uses their influence for good and knows how to appeal to the culture in a way that the culture can understand.