Uncomfortably hot temperatures didn’t slow down or stop Curren$y from delivering a high energy performance in Los Angeles earlier this week [Tuesday, June 21].

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While the audience didn’t necessarily need any warming up, the opening slots were filled by enthusiastic members of Curren$y’s Jet Life crew, including Corner Boy P and T.Y. The two each gave notable sets reminding the crowd early on in the night this is how New Orleans puts on a quality rap show, with both dipping into their catalogs to perform tracks Spitta himself had also blessed.

By the time Curren$y hit the stage, Union Nightclub was filled to capacity, making it difficult for fans not to note just how distractingly hot the venue’s main room rapidly became.


The 35-year-old rapper went on to deliver a veteran performance, as part of his Cruis’n USA tour, appearing completely unbothered by the less-than-favorable conditions that presented themselves throughout the evening. After all, he is from NOLA and can’t be bothered by the heat.

“Just wait until we do some work,” the rapper addressed the crowd.

From the moment that he hit the stage, he didn’t stop moving and barely took a second to breathe in between tracks. Dressed in a Lakers jersey, a long-sleeved flannel and sweatpants, Curren$y was almost oblivious to the rising temperature until the humidity got the best of the situation, resulting in the sound system completely cutting out halfway through his set.

The technical difficulties didn’t completely harsh anyone’s high, with Spitta taking a small break from performing, one that he normally wouldn’t have, to interact with fans and even accept gifts both in the form of merch and marijuana. While the staff worked to get the sound back on and functioning, the fifteen minute long silence was filled with cheers and overall became a small contest to see who could not only win over Curren$y’s attention first but become his best friend too. While majority of the crowd didn’t mind that the evening didn’t go off flawlessly, Curren$y showcased his humility, thanking fans for waiting out the interruption and sticking with him.

Curren$y has impressively dropped a mixtape a month this year, giving zero inclination he’s run dry of material. In fact, during the performance, he teased the possibility of letting another one into the wild as soon as last night.

“I’ma drop a tape soon. Maybe tonight,” he shared into the mic, as roars from the crowd attempted to drown him out. “It’s in my computer, it’s done!”

Curren$y showed off his talents as an emcee throughout the duration of the evening, often cutting his DJ off in order to deliver some verses a capella, all without missing a single word from his stacked vault of material. Some of the night’s highlights included “16 Switches,” “King Kong,” “10 G’s,” “Choosin’,” “Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet,” “Michael Knight” and “Mary,” with Curren$y shouting out a fan who warned him that if he didn’t play “Mary,” it would be the last concert of his she ever attended.

Curren$y, despite building an incredibly loyal fan base throughout his decade-plus career, came off genuinely a bit surprised when fans knew the words to a generous handful of his songs, exclaiming “Y’all must have the words on a screen behind me or some s**t.”

Yup, we’re not sleeping anymore.

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