Yesterday [Wednesday, June 22] marked the 12 year anniversary for singer JoJo‘s debut album, JoJo. Although it was a time for celebration, she took to Instagram to express not only her gratitude, but her disappointments in her previous record label for removing all of her music from popular streaming services.

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At 13 years old, JoJo released her self-titled debut album with Blackground Records. The album featured her hit single “Leave (Get Out)” and her follow up record, “The High Road.” While still signed, JoJo entered a legal battle with her label which prevented her from releasing new music for 10 years. Although the lawsuit was successful on her end, the label still managed to get over on JoJo by removing her music from popular streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal.

The singer took to Instagram to express her disappointments with Blackground Records, saying: “12 years ago TODAY, I was 13 years old, and I released my debut album. So surreal. Wow. To say I’m sad and frustrated that this album is no longer available on iTunes and Spotify because of my previous label is a massive freaking understatement. That was such an important time in my life and set the foundation for the career I’m building brick my brick. For those who’ve supported me since the beginning- THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE YOURE THE F**KING COOLEST I LOVE YOU MADLY FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!”


JoJo is now 25 years old and signed to Interscope Records. She plans to release her third studio album in 2016.