Last night [Thursday, June 23] on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the closing of the NBA season, now that the Finals and the Draft are all done. NBA fans across the world are sad to see this season go, and are anxious for the start of the next season, especially Jimmy’s good friend Guillermo, who is a huge basketball fan.

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In order to cheer him up, Jimmy, with a little help from Aloe Blacc, decided to make up a song that was guaranteed to make him feel better. And, well, the song went from 0 to Dikembe Mutombo, very fast.


Dikembe Mutombo’s…gravely voice cuts through the song to deliver the uplifting energy every NBA fan didn’t know they needed. Besides looking like a 7′ 2″ popsicle, Dikembe doesn’t do a terrible job when it comes to his short rhyme that he delivers at the end of the song:

“I’m seven two / size twenty-two shoe / Making people happy / Is what I do / With a magic flow / You feel your spirits grow / From the Di to the Kembe / To The Mu-Tombo!”

Dikembe has become well know for his philanthropic work in his post-NBA career, and he definitely enjoys making those around him happier. Just maybe he’ll drink some tea or something before he sings next time.