The celebration continues for the Cleveland Cavaliers after their historic performance in the 2016 NBA Finals, with the parade in Cleveland a huge success, and now some recognition from the President. President Obama called up Cav’s coach Tyronn Lue to congratulate the team on their series win, and of course, the topic of a shirtless JR Smith came up.

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ESPN posted the video of Lue speaking over the phone with the President, and they say the two talked for about four minutes about basketball. Naturally, President Obama invited the team to the White House to celebrate their accomplishment, and Lue happily accepted.

Just before he ended the call, President Obama made sure to remind Lue that JR Smith needs to put a shirt on, especially if he wants to visit the White House. The President said:


“Tell J.R. and everybody to put on a shirt. You can’t just be walking around without a shirt for like a whole week. Now Iman is taking off his shirt, Kyrie is taking off his shirt. Come on, man.”

Could JR’s week get any better? NBA championship, party in Las Vegas, parade in Cleveland, and now the President of the United States is clowning you before you visit the White House. Live it up JR, never change.

Check out the full video here.