On Wednesday [June 22] Erykah Badu took to her Twitter account to give us a five second preview of her upcoming video, to be released two short days later. Yesterday, Badu finally released the eight-minute short film/music video that lived up to every bit of its anticipation.

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The new video is a story by Badu starring Robert Glasper, in which she introduces one of her many aliases, Sarah Bellam. The short musical began with her spitting spoken word over African drums with a new accent she makes us believe is actually a part of her character. Come to find out it isn’t real, but who’s to say it’s not a hint of another alias we’ll be introduced to sometime in the near future.

Throughout the duration of the short film Sarah Bellam leads a live band as she performs the new song, “Maiysha (So Long).” The song is actually one of the many remakes of Miles Davis’ music from his Legacy/Columbia Records vault, which Glasper has turned into his own album, Everything’s Beautiful.


Overall, Sarah Bellam is an over dramatic, high strung performer who doesn’t drink alcohol but seems to be fed up with her husband’s sh*t and all the bullsh*t that comes with fame. Could a feature length film be in the works next?