Johnny Manziel is as troubled an athlete as troubled athletes get, and his woes will likely continue given this latest update on what’s been a horrific offseason so far. Manziel was, as many pundits expected, cut by the team that drafted him in 2014, the Cleveland Browns, in March, and is currently without an NFL job. What’s worse, is that his off-the-field actions, which include allegedly physically assaulting his girlfriend and trashing a residence he was renting, don’t point to the former Heisman Trophy winner making a 180-degree turn from the madness any time soon.

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A member of Manziel’s legal team, attorney Bob Hinton, appears to have just made matters relatively worse. Hinton sent an elaborate text to the Associated Press by accident, detailing some of what will be his legal strategy moving forward with the wayward quarterback. Unfortunately for all involved, Hinton was very wary of Manziels’ drug problem, and even stated, “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle,” in regards to a plea deal he was trying to work out for his client. Hinton also made mention of the fact that he’s been made aware of a hefty purchase by Manziel at a drug paraphernalia shop in dangerous close proximity to the hit-and-run crash he was reportedly involved in 3 days ago.

None of this bodes well for Manziels’ legal or football future, and even Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, one of the more avid Manziel fans in the league, has said that the Texas A&M alum will have to get his act together before the Cowboys even consider offering him a contract.


Manziel’s got work to do, and he can start by installing speed dial on his lawyers’ phones.