This week, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launched an inspiring new campaign with the help of some very influential friends. The “Together Women Can” initiative is a campaign which encourages women to be allies in the workplace.

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Sandberg said, “When two men disagree at work, it’s a disagreement. When two women disagree, it’s greatly exaggerated. It’s a catfight. Early in my career there was a senior woman I was excited to work with, and I thought she would be helpful. When she wasn’t, I was devastated.  There are plenty of men who haven’t been helpful in my career and I wasn’t devastated as a result. You shouldn’t feel obligated to support a woman because she is a woman, but because you believe in her ideas and capabilities.”

Selena Gomez, Lena DunhamMegyn Kelly, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson and Serena Williams all appear in the campaign’s introductory video. Kerry stated, “I’m not really sure what my life would look like if it were not for Shonda Rhimes.” Dunham recognized her Girls executive producer and mentor Jennifer Konner. Serena shouted out her sister Venus Williams.