The Game has been very busy lately, with A&E’s release of docu-series The Streets of Compton getting a lot of attention. The Compton rapper found time in his busy schedule to stop by The Cruz Show to talk about new music, the documentary and his views on Diddy.

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Fans know Game is a big fan of Puff, featuring him on his latest album with the song “Standing on Ferraris” (in the song Puff proudly exclaims Game gave him a “red Ferrari” for his birthday).

The Game said last week the Tupac Shakur biopic will make the Notorious movie look like a cartoon, but he still rocks with Diddy.


“Puff Daddy didn’t kill Tupac. If you really from LA and you was alive during that era and you not stupid then you know how Tupac got killed and who killed him. The dude who killed Tupac is no longer living.”

Game also confirmed rumors he’s recently been working with producer Scott Storch. He also talked about spending several of the last few holidays with Diddy and their families, as well as being signed to Puff before getting signed to Dr. Dre.