From couples to solo artists and even a girl group, the BET Awards has provided us with some of the sexiest moments in the entertainment industry, and we’ve decided to head down memory lane to remember some of the best. Which one’s your favorite?

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Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill 2015 “All Eyes On You” Performance

Flashback to last year’s BET Awards, when Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj achieved their first award show performance as a couple, although they had many trial runs before then as they’d been touring the country together on Nicki’s The Pinkprint Tour. The love was evident and each of them blushed like little high school kids being introduced to a feeling so intense. They held hands and exchanged glances while Chris Brown serenaded the ladies in his usual fashion. The sweetest gesture was Meek Mill’s smile spreading from ear to ear as he seemed so proud to have Nicki as his lady. It all made for a very, very sexy performance.


Ciara’s 2013 “Body Party” Performance

When has Ciara ever not been sexy? Her dance moves are irresistible, and her body is goals for all of us, even after having baby Future. The “Body Party” video was the talk of the internet from the first day it released, but the live performance on the 2013 BET Awards gave new meaning to the song. Ciara definitely put the “body” in “party” as she popped body parts some of us ladies probably never knew we had.

D’ Angelo 2012 “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

Back in 2000, D’Angelo gave us the sexiest one scene music video known to man. Even 16 years later it’s probably still in the top three sexiest music videos to date. People are still raving at how an “untitled” song can still stamp some unforgettable images in the mind. In 2012, D’Angelo returned to the music scene by performing “Untitled” (How Do It Feel) on the BET Awards. Although he didn’t remove any clothing he still seduced us with words and a natural sex appeal we couldn’t resist. The images of that 2000 release probably played like a movie in every girl’s head while they pretended to appreciate a fully clothed D’Angelo on stage.

JAY Z and Beyoncé 2006 “Deja Vu” Performance

Do you remember 2006 Beyoncé, shortly after she came into her own? Coke bottle frame and such a fearless attitude that had us hanging on to her every word. That was also the beginning of her and Jay, at least their public outing. They instantly became the “it” couple and we loved seeing them in love. Beyoncé gave us this insane solo performance as she strutted back and forth across that stage in a leather silver two piece. That was until Jay snuck from backstage so smoothly to accompany his lady. Beyoncé danced on, in front of, behind, and around her man in a captivating manner. As they neared the end of their duet, Bey threw up the Roc Nation sign to make the crowd go wild. If it wasn’t official before then, that definitely solidified the deal.

Destiny Child 2005 “Cater 2 U” Performance

Destiny`s Child – Cater 2 U (Live) HQ by hootcreamy

Every single thing about Destiny’s Child‘s 2005 BET Awards Performance was the epitome of sexy. “Cater 2 U” is a sexy song with sexy lyrics but the performance that night was heated in more ways than one. The trio dressed in long sleek dresses that hugged their curves and the men they brought on stage only added fuel to the fire. The ladies seduced these men in such a way that almost made you feel like you shouldn’t be watching but we didn’t dare miss a peek of the action. The performance was so sexy, we forgot two of these men were married at the time—and they probably did too! Hands down the sexiest performance in BET Awards History.