The Game has jumped on the “All The Way Up” beat. With blunt in hand as a guest on the The Cruz Show on LA’s Power 106, Game spit some “breakfast bars” recently and even added his owns chorus at the end.

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Joining the likes of Meek Mill who also recently jumped on the reinvigorated Scott Storch beat, Game pauses at first, has a quick puff of his blunt, then proceeds with the freestyle: “They call me G for Game/I got a G-4, mane/I got 3,4 chains/If you step into the light, then you can seem more bling.”

Sticking to the same flow as Fat Joe and Remy Ma, he continues rhyming. “I’m from an era where if you ain’t have it/You cock your pistol, you run up on a n*gga who got it/They don’t wanna see ten Impalas pull up on Broadway/Chrome to the chin like you doin’ pull ups on Broadway/Hurricane, me, Puff, Game through the hallway/Thirty million dollar crib/Mile-long hallways/All the way up, nah, all the way down/Servin’ you clowns/I won’t stop, won’t stop now,” he spits.


The Game has been busy working on a new album titled Streets Of Compton and helping Jeremih on his new single “All Eyez,” also produced by the legendary Storch.