Do you remember Lil Wayne‘s most recent emergency landings as he seized and blacked out two days in a row on two separate flights? In light of the recent accusations of Weezy’s episodes being due to his codeine addiction and the rise in the use of the syrup, the LAPD has made a decision to crack down on double cups during the BET Awards this weekend.

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TMZ is reporting the LAPD has been briefed about codeine use (or “lean”) the same weekend the BET Awards are to take place. Lean is a codeine syrup mixed with soda that many of your favorite rappers often rap about in their music, such as Future, Kevin Gates and more. TMZ writes, “‘… brass has held meetings with cops to go over the basics when it comes to codeine. We’re told they’ve been briefed on how users mix the syrup, how it looks, smells and most importantly… to be on the lookout for double cups.”

It’s no coincidence the LAPD is on the look-out for patrons and their double cups starting this particular weekend, but the LAPD says otherwise. They’re insisting it has no relation to the BET Awards and the surplus of rappers who indulge in the drink. According to TMZ, “…cops will not specially hunt for double cups … but officers will arrest anyone if they happen to notice during normal patrol.”


On a final note, according to Lil Wayne, it’s epilepsy that’s the cause for his recent medical complications and not the lean.

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