Iggy Azalea can’t seem to catch a break.

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Before she came to fame, Iggy posted a series of racist and homophobic tweets which she has since apologized for. Unfortunately for her, she’s lost out on numerous opportunities because of past views.

It doesn’t help that her critics point out that if Iggy wasn’t the race that she is (i.e. white), she would have never made it as a rapper. Her career has also taken a nose dive, which only makes detractors more aggressive when she’s out and about.


Watch what takes place after she’s faced with a man posed as a “fan”:

The rapper definitely has to sharpen her skills when it comes to her rhyming abilities outside the studio, but was this video shot to put her on spotlight for her lack of talent or is she just an easy target at this point?

Let’s hope her next LP Digital Distortion helps put an end to the relentless ridicule.