G.O.O.D Music President Pusha T has his hands in everything and in a recent sit down with Hot97’s Nessa, he explains exactly how much of a power player he really is.

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In the interview, Pusha T explains how the JAY Z feature on “Drug Dealers Anonymous” actually went down.

“I made the record and was playing my music for Kanye when I told him that there was this one record I just had to get Hov on,” Pusha said. “Kanye said that would be dope, so I left out the room and sent him an email.”


In regards to whether the email chain used in promotion of the single was the actual chain, Pusha explained that was a little bit of marketing creativity.

“Nah man, the email being transcribed on the site is not the actual email, I wouldn’t do that,” Pusha continued. “That was just some marketing I’m sure for the site.”

In addition to talking collaborations, Pusha also discussed his role in bringing platinum “Panda” rapper Desiigner to G.O.O.D Music and how he’s influenced the vets with his energy.

“His energy is like a spark for all of us,” Pusha T continued. “And the Panda record, it is what it is and there’s so much more to come. He’s a real creative. Honestly he made his own life, he made the record, he paid $200 for the beat, he’s the one who did it.”

Pusha T also talked about his new responsibilities at the label and what he plans on doing for the fans.

“As far as being president of G.O.O.D Music, my job is to bring new acts, overseeing the acts and roll outs and just improve the overall fan experience for the fans.

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