Bronx rappers Chris Rivers and Chino XL join forces with newcomer Saint Joe for an epic track and sizzling video.

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“Homicide Fetish” is the first single from Saint Joe’s Thinning Out the Heard album, also featuring Dirtbag Dan, Jomeezius the Genius, Hypnautic, Army of the Pharaohs and Cortez from Murda Ave Gang.

“Saint Joe is a great artist and human being in general. When he sent me the beat it had me amped, adding the royalty of Chris Rivers was just icing to make the song go super hard. I’m proud to be part of such an amazing ensemble. For my part in the video I had taken a picture of that church on my Instagram two years back and thought it would be a great location, which it indeed turned out to be,” says Chino XL.


The beat builds up and roars into a crushing bass, where Rivers especially shines.

“‘Homicide Fetish’ is what happens when you gather up some monsters who constantly sharpen up their swords and put them on one track. It was a display of skill and each artists version of that while enjoying what we do. Going with Chino and Joe I definitely had to be on point to survive and within that battle royal, we gave the fans something to enjoy,” says Rivers.