Damnnn Chris—back at it again with the drug tirades. It’s being reported that Chris Brown‘s ex- tour manager Nancy Ghosh up and quit after Brown allegedly cornered and verbally attacked her on the tour bus.

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The incident is said to have occurred on May 23 during the European leg of Brown’s tour. She claims that Brown cursed her out over a disagreement in her employment terms and threatened to do to her “what he did to Mike G“. Ghosh says that she refused to stay on the tour bus because she felt unsafe with Brown as he had been high on drugs and irrational. Ghosh hopped off of the tour bus immediately and quit her job.

Ghosh is a music business veteran, having worked with artists such as J. Lo, Justin Bieber and Kanye West. The next day Ghosh sent an email to the staff explaining the situation and her feelings of being unsafe. The claims follow just days after it was reported Brown is being sued by his former manager Mike G for beating him to a pulp when it was completely unwarranted.


Mike G had worked with Chris Brown for years. He was been the key factor in rebuilding Brown’s image following his attack on Rihanna in 2009. Mike G’s lawsuit against Brown alleges that Brown unjustly punched him four times in the face and neck, which left him in the hospital. According to the New York Daily News, Mike G’s lawsuit reads, “‘Just as Brown’s career finally was on a steady upward trajectory, Brown viciously attacked Mike G — the man who stood by his side without judgment’.”

Brown has had a violent past, publicly arising with his domestic violence dispute with singer Rihanna in 2009. For years following, Chris has been accused of many violent situations even violating his probation 2013 where it is claimed that Brown punched a man outside of a D.C. nightclub. More complaints have been filed against Brown by other members of his production team claiming that he has been verbally abusive and threatening in unrelated incidents.