Yesterday [June 27] Kanye took to his Twitter account to make some rather important announcements in regards to his newly released music video “Famous”.

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First, Kanye announced his new video would premiere on E!:

Then, Kanye we on to announce six “Famous” viewings across the New York City area that would happen Monday night as well.


Kanye made such an announcement at around 10pm and by midnight of June 28, but no viewings had happened yet.

Contrary to his most recent announcements in regards to New York viewings, Kanye first announced his Los Angeles debut via Tidal in which was very successful, and an on-time release to say the least.

Since the Los Angeles showcase at The Forum on Friday [June 24] there has been controversy as to what artists are actually lying in the “Famous” bed. Thus far, Taylor Swift is livid about her appearance in the video. Ray J had no comment but his manager seemed quite upset. In addition, George Bush has confirmed that his likeness was not actually in the “Famous” bed.

Leave it to Kanye to ruffle everyone’s feathers and still come out on top! Stay tuned for the NYC viewing updates as information become available.