Tru Life was on top of the world right before he went to prison eight years ago. Just days before he went to jail, JAY Z and Young Jeezy pulled him on stage at New York’s Summer Jam before the producers cut his mic off. Days later the dream seemed all but over.

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On Monday morning [June 27] he stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his history in the game. Talking about the people who supported him through the time there were some surprised, namely actor Ving Rhames, who Tru said was like a father to him. Also T.I. and Future who Tru Life only knew as “Meat Head” saying he didn’t know who Future was, because he knew him so long ago.

He also talks about his relationship with Jay and his new ventures, plus tons of music he has ready to drop. His main message was that he’s not here to promote the lifestyle that got him locked up, and to tell kids “There’s nothing cool about prison.”