Esteysi Sanchez, 29, was driving drunk after a night of bar hopping when she struck and killed a man innocently walking on an Oceanside, California sidewalk early Monday morning [June 29] and drove home with the dead body in her passenger seat.

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According to NBC San Diego, the vehicle was traveling so fast that the victim flew through the windshield head first and came to a rest in the front passenger seat. The incident occured at 6:20 am when Sanchez jumped the sidewalk and struck the man. The impact was so hard that his legs were torn from his body, flew through the back window and landed on the trunk of Sanchez’s car. To make matters even worse, Sanchez drove over a mile home and when she got to a cul-de-sac near where she lived, she parked at the corner and walked into her home like it never happened.

A number of phone calls came into authorities from witnesses of the hit and run. When Sanchez got home, her boyfriend called 9-1-1 also. The victim in the case is said to have been homeless and authorities are waiting until they can contact the family before they release his identity. His shoes, wallet, keys, and ID were all found at the site where he was hit.


Edwin Esparza was outside changing the oil in his car when he witnessed the crash. “There’s no words to really describe it. I mean, just seeing that up close and personal, it’s kind of traumatizing in a way,” Esparza said. According to the Inquisitr, Esparza’s brother went to investigate the car and when he saw the vehicle he said, “It’s, like, really disturbing. I never really saw a dead body until now.”

Sanchez is said not to have a drivers license. She is being charged with felony DUI, felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter and will be held on $1.5 million bail.