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J.R. Smith‘s shirtless antics as a result of he and the Cavaliers’ NBA Finals win is something people might always remember, as it became a staple of sorts with regards to the historic—and truly engaging—game.

Smith’s tatted-up, bare upper-torso even gained the attention of President Barack Obama, who called up the Cavs’ head coach Tyrone Lue to not only congratulate he and his team on the win, but to also urge him to “tell J.R. and everybody to put on a shirt though.”


J.R. seems to have taken heed to Obama’s advice because now, on there are shirts for sale from Smith and Fresh Brewed Tees that almost perfectly resemble his now infamous, bare torso complete with all of his tattoos. And fans are reportedly buying them in droves.

We see what you did there, J.R.