Marshawn Lynch is a retired NFL player that has barely made a dent in his football paychecks, and appears to be having more fun than any retired player in recent history. Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter‘s retirement offseasons couldn’t hold a candle to Lynch’s 60 Minutes Sports interview, or his trip to build schools in Haiti.

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For his most recent stunt, Lynch decided to try his hand at car reviewing, and if you’ve seen any candid Marshawn Lynch interview clip in the last 24 months, you know exactly how this went, and you probably can’t wait to see for yourself, so we’ll stop wasting your time with this unnecessary introduction. Behold, Carshawn Lynch.


Yes, Marshawn, you can drift that motherf*cker, and thanks for the tip on which backseat is best to have sex in. We’ll keep that in mind for the next time we’re struggling with the ‘Tesla or Rolls Royce?’ decision.

You can watch the full edition of “A Day With Beastmode” below. As we’re sure you’ve deducted, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

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