Selena might have been taken at the dawn of her stardom, but the Tejana superstar will be forever enshrined among the elite of Hollywood on the infamous Walk Of Fame more than 20 years since her passing. This will be the first time the Walk of Fame will bend their rule of only one posthumous star per year, as composer Jerry Goldsmith will be honored as well.

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The Class of 2017 will also feature some other great Latinos like fellow Tejana Eva Longoria, long time Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel and horror flick guru George A. Romero, creator of The Night of the Living Dead. Selena didn’t make it immediately after her five-year waiting period, but certainly her sales and consistent popularity have helped her earn that beloved star.

In related news, MAC Cosmetics recently announced their Selena-inspired make-up line created with assistance of her sister Susan Quintanilla and husband Chris Perez. Check it out here.