Back in March during Paris Fashion Week, Willow Smith took to Instagram to express her gratitude to Karl Lagerfield and Chanel for picking her to be the new Chanel ambassador. Three months later and we finally get a sneak peak of the action that’s been going on behind the scenes.

On Monday [June 27] Willow posted a new photo on her Instagram. She wore a black off the shoulder top with a multi-chained Chanel necklace and a black and white checkerboard “peace sign” hair pin. As her caption, Willow wrote: “Cool story bro.”

The preview also included two short clips of Smith for the Chanel Eyewear Campaign. In one clip Willow wore hexagon shaped Chanel sunglasses. In the other clip, Willow wore classic black Chanel reading glasses. In each video she vibed out to the beat of her own drum and did so stylishly, if we must say so.

We can’t wait to see what else Willow and Chanel have up their sleeves for the rest of her ambassador stint. Watch her Chanel Eyewear Campaign videos below.