Largely, celebrities have stayed mum on the Ian Connor rape allegations, especially collaborators of his, like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa.

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On the other hand, the accusations are not falling on deaf ears for some, namely proud “SlutWalk” founder Amber Rose. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Rose, during a conversation about the effects misogyny has on Hip Hop culture, briefly touched on the rumors, accusations and allegations swirling around Connor. Specifically, Rose claimed to have been contacted by no less than 21 women accusing Ian Connor of sexually assaulting them. That figure it startling, considering only seven women have publicly spoken.

Because I have my SlutWalk, all of the women [who’ve accused Ian Connor] have reached out to me as well. They want to come to my SlutWalk and tell their story on my stage. I have that platform for them to do so. I’m not a lawyer. I can’t prosecute anyone or say, “What she’s saying is exactly the truth.” I wasn’t there. Honestly, seven came out and I’m pretty sure 21 women have reached out to me so far. So I’m assuming there are more [stories] coming out. It’s innocent until proven guilty, but when you have 21 women from all over the world that do not know each other but have similar stories, it gets to the point where it’s like… enough.


Rose went on to talk about how marginalized she feels when she’s relegated to “Kanye West’s girlfriend” by media outlets, and the double-standard that exists relating to that. You can read the full chat here.