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It’s still not completely clear whether or not Joe Budden and Meek Mill have a legitimate beef, or if they originally didn’t but because of recent situations now they do; however, we do have some substantial commentary to go off.

Back on Monday [June 27] Budden tweeted very concise and direct tweets regarding Meek.


Coincidentally, on Wednesday [June 29] Meek sampled lyrics to a song on Instagram which could very well be taken as shots at Budden.

Joe Budden then tweeted:

Followed by Meek commenting on the issue saying:

“Nobody ain’t tryna come at that shermhead/crackhead JoeBuddens this n*gga got the blogs to say I’m about to diss him we running down on n*ggas off the internet … He’s infatuated with rappers lives n*gga a podcaster now lol”

Considering Budden’s track record with situations like these, one would probably assume there’d be no diss track to follow up.

In what seems to be contrary statements to his 2015 sentiments about Meek not being talented enough to make a diss track about him, Budden tweeted in response to Meek and it’s looking like he might take it there.