According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wedmesday [June 29, 2016], Donald Trump is losing the Black vote to Hillary Clinton 91 to 1 percent.

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Conducted between March and June, the poll surveyed a total of 16,000 Americans, with supporters split between presumptive GOP nominee Trump, presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton, her persevering rival Bernie Sanders, along with supporters of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the last two Republicans to drop out of the race.

The poll included 21 questions surrounding race, asking people to give opinions on blacks and whites based on personality traits they deem to be generally true, and the depressing results aren’t really all that surprising. image


According to Quinnipiac University, Trump supporters were more likely to rate whites higher than Blacks than Clinton supporters “in nearly every case” with approximately one-third of the describing Blacks as less “intelligent”, 40% describing Blacks as more “lazy” than their white counterparts, and nearly half writing off Blacks as being more “violent” than whites.

While these numbers were the most disturbing of the survey, it seems that these beliefs also held pretty strong in the non-Trump camp as well with one-fifth, one-quarter, and one-third of Hillary Clinton’s supporters aligning with the above views, respectively.

Despite this, Clinton’s strong showing with the Black community in this poll is incriminating for Trump, to say the least. Southern states where Trump once claimed victory can eventually turn to Clinton’s favor as there wasn’t much of an African-American showing in Republican primaries, and that spells trouble for the Trump campaign.