TDE artist Schoolboy Q recently sat down to discuss his new album Blank Face and how he manages family and success.

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In an interview with Hot 97’s Nessa, Schoolboy Q touched on why he’s planning on releasing an album every 10 years, meeting JAY Z and working with Kanye West.

When asked about balancing family and fame, Schoolboy Q revealed that his family played a major role in his decision to drop one album two years.


“I am not out here trying to keep up with this rapper and that rapper,” Q said, “I am just out here doing what I love and making time for my family as well.”

Although Schoolboy Q maybe dubbed the “bad boy” on TDE, when it comes to his seven year old daughter, Q reveals he’s just a regular dad.

“My daughter’s out here whipping to everything and doing the “nae-nae,” Q continued. “She told me she wanted to do music and I had her audition for me and it was not that good, so I told her let’s try again in a few years. Right now let’s just stick to soccer because ultimately I know she can be whatever she wants to be.”

In regards to the Black Hippy album, Schoolboy Q said it’s hard to work together due to the crew always wasting studio time roasting and enjoying each other’s time.

“It’s hard when you haven’t seen your boys in a minute,” Q continued, “So when we get together we have fun and it’s ‘n*gga you ugly’. Next thing you know we scheduling another studio session because we wasted 10 hours talking.”

Schoolboy Q also reminisced about his first time meeting JAY Z and how he ended up working with Kanye with his lead single, “That Part.”

“I remember Jay (Z) walked up to me and was like ‘You’re the bad boy, right?’ and I was just standing there like, ‘I don’t know what to say to you’, I’m not worthy (chuckles),” Q said. “I felt that way with Jay and Kanye, the song with Kanye happened because Top hooked it up, I don’t have his number and he heard it and dropped the verses.”