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Being the mother of one of the world’s most famous entertainers has its perks. One? Getting recognized for the hard and tireless work that Mrs. Knowles-Lawson has clearly put into her daughter’s career. This is the Essence Festival’s first time honoring an individual for the Inspiring Leadership Award and they’re setting the bar pretty high.

When she’s not getting the world together on the whereabouts of her daughter, Tina Knowles has her hands in multiple non-profit endeavors. She works towards promoting women’s empowerment, along with community relations and social justice. The Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth, The Survivor Foundation, Miss A Meal and Goodwill are all efforts Tina supports behind the scenes. This can be a huge task along with keeping up with a new marriage, merging families, staying fabulous, and well, her famous daughters.

The Essence Festival is set to take place in the Knowles’ family’s home away from home, New Orleans. The beautiful summer back-drop is just one of the many selling points for the star-studded affair. Along with good music, and great food, women will be able to come together to celebrate one of Hollywood’s most famous yet gracious mamas.


Leadership and motherhood go hand-in-hand and when your child is as revolutionary as Bey, there is no surprise that can come with high honor. The philanthropist, author, fashion designer, and most importantly mother will get a chance to celebrate her successes in and out of motherhood this July.