Gilbert Arenas’ NBA playing days are long behind him but he has found a way to remain in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Most of his headline grabbing incidents involve his comments on Instagram and today, No Chill Gil is back at it again, this time adding his two cents on the Iggy Azalea-Nick Young debacle. The formerly engaged couple had a very public breakup recently and Azalea told the public that she dumped Nick because she saw video of him cheating on the home security footage.

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Of course, the media had a field day of sorts with the news, and social media weighed in as well. Arenas weighed in but had quite a startling stance. In summation, he placed direct blame on Iggy Azalea for Young cheating her.

“My Nigha hit iggy with the #back2back cheating,” he wrote. “She said she was gonna cut that shit OFF if she caught you cheating AGAIN #drakevoice (so you took a break from views, NOW you was BACK 2 ASS) blame yo self iggy…you knew damn well you couldn’t leave yo dog at the house with no DOG FOOD, you didnt even leave #NoPuppyChow #NoPedagree #NokibblesAndBits no nothing how was he suppose to eat?..should have left yo pu55y at the house #ShameOnYOU..i wanna thank all the ladies who saved my boy @swaggyp1 life yall are the real MVPS and #IGGY should be arrested for #animalcruelty leaving yo dog at home without no food is a crime in american Nigha…SOMEBODY GO arrest HER PLS.”


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