In a twist of fate no one saw coming, Apple is reportedly interested in acquiring JAY Z‘s TIDAL streaming services. The two companies went hard this year trying to acquire the eyes and ears of millions of music fans looking for a safe place to digitally stream music. This year, Apple Inc. may make that decision a little easier.

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The TIDAL x Apple Music collaboration could possibly put a lot of other streaming services under stress as the Big 4—Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, and Soundcloud—could possibly become the Big 3. However, the merge isn’t final. It is said that the company is attracted to the idea because of the possibility of gaining artists like Kanye West and Madonna to their roster.



Back in March 2015, Jay bought the service for $56 million from Swedish company Aspiro. Since then there have been countless stories surrounding the topic, prompting many to wonder if the investment was a good or bad one. In a turn of fate, or really good business tactics, Jay has gained the attention of the world’s most famous tech company in just one year.

If the deal goes through Drake and Taylor Swift will have some company over at Apple Music. The 4.2 million subscribers TIDAL already has will join the 15 million at Apple Music, collectively boosting their audiences to about 20 million. While the world waits on what the final say will be, one thing is for sureL Jay’s influence on music can’t stop and won’t stop.