Only one full day of free agency is in the books, and the contracts have been flying left and right. Joakim Noah, Mike Conley, Evan Turner, Ryan Anderson, DeMar DeRozan and Dwight Howard have all cashed out, and the elephant in the free agency department, Kevin Durant, is still fielding offers from the teams he’s scheduled to meet with.

Today, another big pillar has fallen. Al Horford, who was almost certainly on the first thing smoking out of Atlanta after the Hawks inked Dwight Howard to a massive deal yesterday, has decided to take his talents up north to Boston. ESPN is reporting that Horford has inked a 4-year deal with the Celtics worth $113 million. Big money.


This is a huge upgrade for the Celtics at the center position, and definitely adds more of an offensive threat to the rotation, which will make guys like Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart grin ear to ear.