On July 11, Bleacher Report will debut a new documentary exploring the high school career and more of Michael Vick.

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Vick, 36, is one of the NFL’s most diverse players to come into the league. His ability to weave his way through traffic to make a play or remain in the pocket to throw a pass has separated him from the rest of the field. Everything was wrapped to perfection for Vick—from his days of Warwick High School to his electrifying play at Virginia Tech University. From college, he made his leap into the pros as the first overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft. That perfection was on a string that would soon be cut due to legal issues.

When Head Coach Tommy Raemon met Michael Vick back in his freshman year of high school, Raemon knew he was special. “The first time I saw him throw a football, I said ‘wow,” Raemon stated. “When I saw Michael Vick flip his wrist and throw the ball as a 9th grader. That to me was special.”


The documentary will display more than Vick’s athletic career in high school. It will also focus on the violence that took place in his hometown of Newport News, Virginia. Coming from a “poverty stricken” area, Vick’s distraction was football. Be sure to catch the documentary from Bleacher Report on July 11.